ASTEROID presented at SPIE Astronomical Telescope and Instrumentation

on Sunday, Jun 10, 2018

ASTEROID has been presented during SPIE Astronomical Telescope and Instrumentation in Austin (TX, USA).


Publication : on request


CEA and Lynred have been involved for 7 years in studies related to a large format detector development for science and astronomy applications. These studies are linked with ESA’s Near Infrared Large Format Sensor Array roadmap which aims to develop a 2Kx2K large format low flux low noise device. The ALFA (Astronomical Large Focal plane Array) detector is currently at design, manufacturing and validation phase at CEA and Lynred. This paper will present the very last achievements of the ALFA development with a specific focus on the readout integrated circuit design itself. Features and specification of the 2048x2048 15µm pitch with Source Follower Detector (SFD) input stage will be described. Apart from ESA development, European Commission is also contributing to the large detector development thanks to ASTEROID (AStronomical TEchnology EuROpean Infrared detector Development) program founded by REA (Research European Agency). ASTEROID main objectives are to develop very large raw materials (CdZnTe substrate, HgCdTe epilayer…) compatible with the manufacturing of very large detectors in volume keeping the same level of performance. Status of this program will be presented where hybridization reliability aspects of very large detector are included as well as the packaging concept study for the 2K² ALFA product.