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Proposed bi-layer process to further improve proximity exposure performance for lift-off processes

Monday, Nov 19, 2018

In order to overcome discovered pattern resolution limitations using proximity lithography with the predefined Asteroid process materials (negative tone resist, bright field mask layout), EVG developed and studied an alternative bi-layer process approach for the desired lift-off application and the fine pitch structure of the Asteroid ROIC. The bi-layer resist concept is based on switching the lithography exposure mask polarity to darkfield and using positive tone resist as the top resist layer.

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Asteroid Annual review

Monday, Jun 25, 2018

The Asteorid Annual review took place at CEA-LETI on June the 25th 2018

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ROIC pattern proximity exposure simulation

Sunday, Dec 10, 2017

In order to study and optimize the mask aligner process conditions for proximity exposure process on the Asteroid ROIC wafer, EVG performed exposure simulations with the ROIC pattern design. The specific mask aligner exposure simulation software used by EVGs process department allows the variation of exposure light source parameters - like collimation angle or spectral distribution - as well as defining different proximity exposure gaps in order to simulate the resulting pattern shape in user defined photo resist.

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Substrates fabricated at LETI

Saturday, Oct 28, 2017

Polished 4’’ substrates fabricated at LETI. Suitable for the liquid phase deposition (LPE) of HgCdTe, the light absorbing material used to fabricate state of the art infrared detectors.

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