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Delivery of the first 2K² prototype based on ALFA detector

Friday, Mar 12, 2021

Mock-up and process improvement for the hybridization (WP3) and manufacturing of ALFA detector were done leading to the delivery of the first 2K² prototype based on ALFA detector to IFAE (WP4). These detectors will be tested for reliability under variable temperature environment. 2K² based on ALFA detector (2048x2048 15µm)

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Lynred produced the first PV batch of small TV format with SWIR p/n technology

Friday, Feb 12, 2021

Lynred is engaged on the development of HgCdTe materials (WP2) in cooperation with CEA-LETI. Recently, Lynred has produced the first PV batch of small TV format with SWIR p/n technology. For that purpose, HgCdTe epilayers were manufactured at Lynred. The p/n PV batch wafers are dedicated to technology performance assessment. The first sorting tests of the dices are performed at CEA-LETI and the fine measurement will be done at CEA-IRFU.

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Successful Laser Debonding

Monday, Jan 18, 2021

Debonding of temporary mounted wafer stack turned out to be challenging within the project – Final solution found with Laser Debonding performed on EVG®850 DB Automated Debonding System! Two different debonding techniques have been studied throughout the Asteroid project working with 150 mm and 200 mm wafer sizes. - Slide-off Debonding Technique - Challenge due to brittle stack and CTE issues triggered by debonding temperature causing breakage of the ROIC layer - Laser Debonding Technique - Optimum debond performance with this brittle stack and no issues with the ROIC layer; tested with 150 mm material and 200 mm material is on the way

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Commisioning of Asteroid cryostat's temperature control

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

The temperature control of the ASTEROID cryostat has been commissioned during Sept-Oct, 2020. After the simulation and tuning of the PID controllers, the dummy detector reached a relative temperature error of 0.5 mK at 100K and 50K, both exceeding the current temperature stability requirements. The next stage will be the integration with the custom SWIR optical setup to readout the ALFA detector, an ESA’s HgCdTe detector prototype developed by the consortium as a probe of concept.

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