Links and Interdependences with other research projects

Additional national research activities linked to the project are underway or will start in the near future. A complete list of such projects is given in the table below.

Name Funding Partners Involved Objectives Link to ASTEROID
Grandir CNES Lynred and CEA-LETI Increase of material size to enable large raw material increase Material size increase
NIR Large Focal Array ESA Tender for this project to be issued in Q1-Q2 2016 Large FPA development Product manufacturing for large quantities based on the technology design rules defined in ASTEROID
Promatis Austrian Space Program EVG Processes for Space Solar Cells Si process for ASTEROID
MSP FP7 EVG Multi-Sensor Platform Lithography 200mm wafers
SWIR_HOT Convention CNES 128100/00 - RT CNES CEA-LETI and CEA-IRFU Demonstrate a low dark current SWIR p/n technology for high operating temperature. Investigate the interest of p/n technology for MICROCARB Mission (Earth observation to map the greenhouse effect) HgCdTe p/n technology optimisation for SWIR band